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Soopl Fashion Trolley


Extendable, portable, foldable and with robust wheels.


All you need to move

Once you’ve tried a Soopl, you’ll never go back. We want everyone to know about it, as everyone deserves an easier life. Get on board and experience the carefree joy of a proper fashion trolley.


No sweat!
Roadworks, doorsteps and 30+ outfits?
Of Course!

Eats Obstacles for Breakfast

Out of the hotel,
over the gravel,
through the puddle,
round the corner,
to the airport.

Loves heavy loads.

3 shows,
endless meetings,
bumpy streets,
a headache.
And then there was Soopl.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Soopl.

Makes the fashion world feel like a walk in the park.

“I would definitely recommend the Soopl racks to anyone traveling with clothing. It still surprises me that I sometimes see colleagues with those ‘old-fashioned’ clothes racks, which they then have to assemble at the car, very nice, especially when it rains!

“Similar to how you impress with your outfit or with your car, you also make an impression with the Soopl Fashion Trolley. If you think about it the Soopl Fashion Trolley is more like the Rolls Royce of clothing racks.”

“I have been using the Soopl Fashion Trolley for over 5 years now. It still runs like the first day. Strong and Smooth. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in need of a mobile clothing rack.”

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