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The Soopl Movement

Soopl goes beyond products. It accompanies many brands and individuals with stories behind them on a day-to-day basis, serving as a vital component that binds a community united by fashion and excellence together and enabling them to keep rolling towards their new goals with confidence. Learn more about our projects, community, and get inspiration on our blog.

The ‘Soopl of’ Marjon Muijskens

Dive into our interview with Marjon Muijskens of BlueGlory and see how the Soopl fashion trolley supports her fashion journey.


5 Reasons why fashion professionals choose the Soopl trolley

Discover why the Soopl trolley is a must-have for fashion professionals, streamlining clothing transport and making their jobs easier.


The ‘Soopl of’ Kim Keizer

Check out our exclusive interview with Amsterdam stylist Kim Keizer, who has relied on the Soopl fashion trolley for over a decade.


Top 4 fashion transport essentials for summer fairs

Check out our essential tips and must-haves to help you navigate the busy season and make the most of these opportunities.