About us

It all started during a job as account manager for a fashion brand. The existing fashion trolleys did not work at all. Something had to be done about it. And it could get better. Much better.

Here you can see the result of hours spent at the drawing table, loads of discussions, many prototypes and lots of patience. The Soopl Fashion Trolley. The fashion trolley that does work.

Wanna know how Soopl makes fashion people smile?

Since Soopl introduced its Fashion Trolley on the Dutch market in 2006, there is a lot more smiling going on in the fashion world:

  • Agents can enter pavements now (and more important, they can pass obstacles);
  • Fashion shows will have a professional and better looking backstage;
  • Stylists love them (and shoots on the beach are a lot easier);
  • The build-up at many European fairs is a lot less hectic because of the Soopl Delivery Service;
  • We do sometimes donate one as a gift to young designers;
  • Having your own logo printed on a fashionbag looks pretty cool.
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