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In this new article, we are introducing the “Soopl of” Marjon Muijskens. She is the driving force behind BlueGlory—an Amsterdam-based fashion agency that has been elevating women’s brands in the mid-high segment for more than 27 years.

Marjon shared her inspiring journey into the fashion world with us. Though her love for fashion was deep-rooted since she was young, she initially followed her parents’ advice and pursued a career as a secretary after school with the aim of having a stable job. Soon, she realized that this path wasn’t fulfilling for her and that’s when she made a promise to herself: to chase her dreams and passions. So, she packed her bags and made her way to Amsterdam, where she delved into various roles within the fashion industry for eight years. Once she gained some experience, alongside her partner, she took a leap of faith and founded BlueGlory.

“Blue refers to the blue water of the IJ (one of the main rivers in Amsterdam) where our first showroom was located. Glory refers to the joy it gave us to start our own business. That’s how we came up with the name”.

Since then, BlueGlory has been a reliable partner for fashion brands looking to grow in the Benelux region, with Soopl as a trusted companion for them in this journey. “We’ve been using Soopl for over 10 years,” Marjon shares with us. “These trolleys aren’t just convenient—they’re indispensable. From maneuvering collections in the showroom to streamlining travel logistics, we use the Soopl trolleys on a daily basis”.